What Are Your Writing Goals For The First Few Months of 2021?



I am not a huge fan of new year resolutions, because I think we should constantly reaffirm our goals and our plans for achieving these goals. I will, therefore, give my immediate writing goals and ask for yours.

My drafting goal for the next few months is to finish the first draft of an historical fiction/romance set in the World War Two era. I have about 7000 words done now, and I intend to write 2000 words/per day six days a week. If I can maintain that rate, I will have a first draft completed by the end of February.

If I am successful with that task, I will then do a small book on revision of novels and memoirs, which will be the next book in my writing series that began with Get The Draft Done! Helping Writers Finish Their First Draft.

In addition to drafting, I will also work on one more revision of my Young Adult Post-Apocalyptic Environmental novel The Ameriad: The Monastery of Knowledge.

So, to all the writers who are reading this post, I ask you: What are your writing goals for the next few months?

57 thoughts on “What Are Your Writing Goals For The First Few Months of 2021?

  1. At the moment, my publishing/promotion goals are fighting with my writing goals. For my writing goals, I’d like to make progress on the new novel I’ve started (basically chip away at it a weekend at a time). It involves several challanges I decided to take on, leading me to ask the question, “Is anybody gonna believe this?”

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  2. Dreamer9177

    I never make resolutions because the premise is fucked up. People make resolutions because they believe that there is something wrong, or something they need to improve. That may not be the case, at any rate, why try to force a change if you feel you’re already in a losing situation??

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  3. I agree with goals over resolutions. I make goals for the year, but I mostly focus on monthly goals.

    My current goal is to edit my novel with this new formula to target specific areas to edit (to be verbs, -ly words, dialogue tags, etc.). I hope to get some betas soon after.

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  4. Don’t much have any as I don’t write fiction or essays or long form.

    BUT I do have a book of poetry that needs to be edited. Unfortunately it got lost in files, and then I had to translate it from PDF, so the formatting is all ugly. So I’ll just say, fix the formatting on the first hundred few poems in that book and I’ll be good, for the first few months of 2021.


    Also, to release our literary magazine [ALTERNATE ROUTE] on January 31, on time.

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  5. If we get put into full lockdown in Scotland today, as we are expecting, all my physical work will go out the window, so my writing will take over.
    Over the holidays, I’ve averaged over 1000 words per day on book #4 of my fantasy series, plus another 1000 split between my two blogs, including a series of guest posts I’m putting together for a well respected blog that may lead to inclusion in an already commissioned non-fiction book. Small fry for many writers, but this alongside other stuff that needs taking care of, is pretty good for me, so if lockdown does occur, I plan to continue, and maybe increase word count if I can.
    Not firm goals, no. But firm goals and Covid changes to life haven’t proven highly compatible!

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  6. selizabryangmailcom

    I’m in edits with the publisher for Book II and started writing Book III of my paranormal comedy series…but came to a brick wall. Breaking through that wall is my goal right now, lol. It’s hard to find a way to incorporate/explain past information from the other books without over-explaining in an obvious or boring way.

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