Preschoolers, Christmas Emotions, and ‘Gloria’


Please read this wonderful lesson from the excellent teacher, Jennie!

A Teacher's Reflections

The emotional roller coaster of preschoolers is in full swing at Christmastime.  Tears, yelling, hitting, not sharing – it all surfaces at this time.   I’m there to help them navigate the waters and make things right.  In the end, children ‘move on’, quickly.  I am convinced the source of ‘Forgive and Forget’ must have been founded with young children.

Here is a classic example of how it goes:

A child is crying, wailing, on the playground.  This is a child who never cries, so it must be important.

“What happened?”

“She hit me with the shovel.”

It was a hard hit.  Did I reprimand the aggressor?  No.

I looked to make sure the victim was okay, but first I made sure the aggressor was there beside me, watching and listening.  She needed to see the care I gave to her victim.

Then I turned to her.  “How can you…

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