#Bookreview: November Weather Spell


Please read this review of Robert Fillman’s poetry and his book November Weather Spell!

Elizabeth Gauffreau

Poet Robert Fillman

Review of November Weather Spell

Click on image to purchase from Main Street Rag.

I bought Robert Fillman’s debut poetry chapbook, November Weather Spell, on the strength of his poem “The Blue Hour,” which I first read in the literary magazine Ninth Letter. The blue hour of the poem’s title refers to the extra hour of dusk gained when the clocks are set back in the fall: “that sacred time when the living / and the dead can see each other.” 

The speaker goes on to describe inhabiting that sacred space for just a moment twenty years before: “the steam whirling / from chimneys like hundreds of souls / lured by stars.” 

I knew I wanted to read more from this poet. 

The same concrete imagery and clear, precise word choice from “The Blue Hour” appear throughout November Weather Spell. The word that kept coming…

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