How Is Your Writing Going?



November is coming to an end, and some of you have been doing NaNoWriMo, and others have continued with a somewhat less frenzied pace.

I am one of the people who tries to write on a regular basis and avoids binge writing. I have put the finishing touches, I hope, on a reissue of my essay book, called French On English: A Guide To Writing Better Essays. I am also continuing to work on what I am calling an historical fiction/romance–imagine that coming from this writer of horror! If I can maintain my current pace, I should be able to finish the first draft by the end of January or February.

I will also begin revising one of the other first drafts I have completed. By the way, if you are wondering how I manage to do this, check out my book Get The Draft Done! Helping Writers Finish Their First Draft — how’s that for a bit of shameless self-promotion!

So, I ask all of you: how is your writing going?


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20 thoughts on “How Is Your Writing Going?

  1. Hi Charles, I am glad you are moving things along. I’ve started your new Beta read and also have a number of other books to read over the next few weeks. A Ghost and His Gold is just about finished and I hope to publish in early January, a bit earlier than planned. I have started writing After the Bombs Fell with my mother and am also planning to write another three short stories for another anthology coming out mid next year.

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  2. Hola Charles, I am adding the last touches and last paragraph (ugh!) to my book “Rebecca, & The Making of Lettuce Dombrowski.” Covers WW11 to 1970s. A Jewish story.
    I’ve been mentally retracing the characters’ foibles, etc., making sure they are in keeping…and checking the flow and any ‘boring’ sections….
    Although I have never had full confidence in myself (even at my advanced age…) despite writing eight books and lots of poetry, I’ve improved a tad and just love writing anyway.
    Wish me luck! I’m trying for a mainstream publisher this time. (First two books were published mainstream and there’s no comparison…)
    Thank you for reading. And good luck with all your writing endeavours. Cheers!

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  3. Hi Charles. Writing this month hasn’t gone very well for me. I haven’t done very much, though a beta reader looked at what I have so far for the sequel to Mystical Greenwood. So I hope that may help get me going again in December.

    Things with my website and publishing were a little more successful, though. Two more anthologies featuring my work were released, I set up an Amazon author page, and my website turned 5 years old.

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