Filch’s Emporium Shop Tour


If you love Harry Potter, and I do, you will be delighted by this post!


Filch’s Emporium is one of those shops that is easy to miss unless you’re getting off the ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. This shop is under Hogwarts in a section where you see more people coming out of instead of going into. There are two entrances to the shop, technically three if you decide to go in through the locker area. One entrance is the one pictured above, which is in the park and the other entrance is when you get off the ride. Though this shop is easy to miss, it has one of the more interesting backstories for shops (at least in my opinion). The backstory of Filch’s Emporium is that this is where Filch stores all the items he’s confiscated from Hogwarts students over the years and that all the student working within the shop are there because they’re in detention. Each “student” has a…

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