The Giving Tree


Here is another excellent post from Jennie, the wonderful teacher!

A Teacher's Reflections

There is a tree on the playground that is old and big.  Its branches dip down.  Each one seems to have a mind of its own.  The boughs sway and reach, and children look up.

I wonder if the tree loves the children.  The children love the tree.

Trees are one of nature’s greatest teachers and also givers.

Yes.  Givers.

Shel Silverstein made that connection with trees decades ago.  His book, The Giving Tree is both beloved and revered.

My copy is well loved and well worn.  I have read the words aloud to children (and to myself) more times than I can count.

Thank you, Dana, for giving me this book.  You knew it was a treasure.

The story is timeless.  A tree loves a boy, and the boy loves the tree.  The beginning pages read:

Once there was a tree…
and she loved a little boy.

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