My New Thing I Tried In August: Writing Schedule


Here is a post with a writer’s idea for scheduling writing! Please stop by Michelle’s wonderful blog!


Since the start of the year I have committed myself to the goal of writing 500 words a day. Admittedly, this goal started falling apart around the same time our world did and I’ve been struggling to get back to it. So this month, instead of committing to 500 words a day, I decided to commit myself to simply writing everyday, with one day being devoted to typing up my novel (which is in a few less pieces as of this post).

So I broke out a blank sheet of paper, a pencil, a ruler, my mini highlighters, and a black marker and went about making my schedule. I am a visual person and I use colors as a way to see what my day will look like at a quick glance. So of course, this schedule was going to be color coded! As you can see, purple was for…

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10 thoughts on “My New Thing I Tried In August: Writing Schedule

  1. Thanks for bringing this blog to my attention…I’m now following her as a result of her encouraging post to help me in the ‘focusing’ of my creative projects that have been fading from my view in recent weeks – yes, due to COVID isolation burnout.
    (We’re all healthy here, hope you’re hanging in there.)

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