My Summer of Books – Part 2


Here is Part 2 in Jennie’s excellent series!

A Teacher's Reflections

In  Part 1 I talked about many of the picture books in this photo, which shows all the children’s books I read this summer.


Part 2 continues with the picture books, and bridges to older children’s books.


Pigs in the Mud in the Middle of the Rud, by Lynn Plourde

A Model T Ford is ‘stopped in the rud by some pigs in the mud’.  Grandma is in charge.   The rhyming is classic and draws in the reader.  “Oh no.  Won’t do.  Gotta shoo.  But who?”  The story goes from pigs to hens to sheep to bulls – and the descriptive words  have a wide range from squealed, rutted, reeled, tussled, rustled and many more.  These aren’t typical vocabulary words for children, making the story all the better.  We see farming life in the early 20th century, with a classic sequence of events.  From the…

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