A New Exhibit, Eric Carle’s Art Comes Full Circle…and More


Here is another wonderful post from Jennie, the excellent teacher!

A Teacher's Reflections

After months of having to close its doors to the public, the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Massachusetts has reopened.  I was thrilled.  The number of visitors and safety procedures were controlled, yet the experience was full and open – I was once again a child on discovery.

And discover, I did.

In my customary note of appreciation to the museum I said,
“It always astounds me that every single visit to the Eric Carle Museum is nothing short of remarkable.  Really.  Today was no exception.  The angels exhibit was nothing at all like what I expected, and one of the best exhibits I have seen.”

As a member of the museum, I was greeted so warmly upon my return by the staff- like an old friend.  They gave me extra copies of their spring newsletter (where I am featured), and asked to take my picture.  I…

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10 thoughts on “A New Exhibit, Eric Carle’s Art Comes Full Circle…and More

  1. I so enjoyed getting to know this side of Eric Carle, but all I can think of are all the happy memories–years really–of reading his wonderful books to my daughter as she grew up. She is an inveterate reader now at the age of twenty-three and much of that I attribute to his beautiful work. Thank you for sharing!

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