Books That Are Needed Now


Some books speak to a specific time, and some reach across eras with their messages. Some include a message for a definite audience, while others span a more general readership.  And some times call out for certain books to be read.

Books are one form of the Media, which must remain free if freedom itself is to survive. Given the turmoil of our present time, I am suggesting these books as crucial reading for today’s world:



 George Orwell







Elie Wiesel





It Can’t Happen Here


 Sinclair Lewis



I have offered three books I consider to be essential for our times.

What books or books do you think are needed now?


30 thoughts on “Books That Are Needed Now

  1. An excellent, and unfortunately, necessary post. One cannot go wrong with Orwell and fortunately, each of those books happens to be on my shelves. One book that comes to mind often these days is not fiction at all. The People’s History of The United States by Howard Zinn. It is so important to understand all that’s happened in the past. Books have always been my refuge and I am looking forward to seeing what others my cite. One cannot read too many good books…

    I’ve had thoughts on your previous tables with authors and who we might want to converse with just now. Naturally, that could entail some time travel but well worth it. Is there a chance of such a future post?

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  2. i’ve never read the sinclair lewis book, i’m going to see it out. some lessons apply over time. i might recommend the classic version of ‘the emperor’s new clothes.”

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  3. Okay okay, my juices won’t stop juicing up…
    Brave New World – Huxley
    (the standby) – Fahrenheit 450 – Bradbury
    Any good quality non-fic or fic on the times and ljves during Nazi Germany…
    Oh how about, The First Circle by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn?
    I could go on…but I’ll leave that to other commenters.
    PS- also could add some fun light yet beautifully written reading because afterall, reading helps us ‘get through’ times like these, too!!!! But will restrain myself!

    I will find a copy of Sinclair Lewis’ book for sure. It passed me by in the wake of ‘The Jungle’ which was relevant to me since I lived in Chicago at the time it was ‘assigned’ reading in school.
    Oh and how about a viewing of ‘Billy Jack’ for a blend of light and socially relevant material… just for variety’s sake?
    I’ll stop.

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  4. I think, on many levels, Corey Doctorow’s collection of short stories in Radicalized (which came out last year) have a poignant point to be made on many levels and many challenges facing us, in a very real way on so many fronts – so, though not a ‘voice from long ago past’ etc., I’m linking it here as my addition, given the things I’ve read that I’ve thought of often. But I’ve also been thinking alot about Gone with the Wind & Scarlett – written years apart, by two different authors, one still follows the growth/changes of various characters, through collapses of one way of life, of surviving such things, of rebuilding, renewing, finding new ways – through revolution of thought or against systems in place – whether done willfully by being ones self, or through concentrated effort in both non-violent & violent ways – there is always a choice – on the economics front, I have looked around me at various things and I remember Rhett Butler saying, “There are two times to make money – during the fall of a civilization and during the build of one” – and fairly easy to see where various folks are placing their bets on that front – 😀

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