Trump’s Attack On Democracy

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What happened the other night in Portland, Oregon should have all Americans who believe in the Constitution, Freedom, and Democracy outraged and frightened. Please do not divert the subject by speaking about “riots”. That is an issue that is addressed by local and state authorities, not the Federal Government.  The President does not seem to care about the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Fourth Amendment says, “The right of the people to  be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Having Federal agents, wearing police insignia without identification of person or office arresting people without warrants and taking them away in unmarked vehicles is a clear violation of both the Fourth Amendment and their oath to uphold the Constitution; it is, by its very nature, an assault on American freedom and democracy. Without a warrant and an authorized jurisdiction of policing, these actions are kidnapping.

Let me be very clear. What happened is what occurs in totalitarian dictatorships, such as Putin’s tactics in the Crimea. Putin is very likely extremely proud of his friend, Donald Trump.

Further, for those who are true conservatives and care about the separation of states and city rights from the Federal government, they should be horrified. This was a clear violation of state and city sovereignty and jurisdiction.

It is also ironic that with the turmoil in our country about the abuse of police power, that these actions, themselves, are abuse of police power.

Let me be clear. I am not speaking as a member of a political party. I am speaking as a proud American who holds our Constitution to be a sacred document. Regardless of political affiliation, no matter if you are Republican, Democratic, or Independent, you should decry these actions. Our land must never become one that is ruled by autocrats and dictators who use force as they wish and ignore the rule of law.

Let us also remember that many fought and died to preserve out democracy. Let us honor their memory by insisting on the government abiding by the Constitution of the United States of America.



71 thoughts on “Trump’s Attack On Democracy

  1. When I saw this on the news tonight, my immediate thought was that he is trying to declare martial law without the authority to do so. The other thought that has been crossing my mind a lot of the past week is what happened to our system of checks and balances?

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  2. I live in Washington just across the river from Portland and can tell you that the Federal effort to intimidate is backfiring. Last night’s protest was even larger and there were hundreds of middle aged women wearing yellow tshirts standing between the protesters and the unmarked camo clad thugs. These mom’s got shot at with tear gas but held firm. Several young people with hockey sticks and leaf blowers ran back and forth sending teargas cans back to the Feds. The mom’s held that line firmly. The Federal thuggery has not only angered all of the young around here… now mom and grandma are P.O’d. Also just about every politician in both WA and OR is loudly vocally on the side of the protesters.

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      • Yes, thanks, it is!! And all the activities are in a 2 block are in Portland. Some would have you believe the city is on fire, violent and dangerous but that is definitely not the case. The danger and violence are done by government goons: it starts when they arrive and grab people and tear gas them and the violence stops when the goons leave for the evening. The goons gassing, beating Veterans and middle aged women isn’t a good public relations move. All the Vets and women’s have to do is hold the line and not fight back and the goons hurt their own “cause”.

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  3. I am 100% in agreement with you, Charles. And, as Kim mentioned, he has now said he may send federal troops into cities “run by liberal democrats”. This, in my book, is akin to declaring martial law and we must stand up against it. Thank you for posting this … with your kind permission, I would like to re-blog it later today?

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  4. I read the 4th Amendment again to be certain and I don’t feel it was breached by their actions.
    I saw this from someone who was there…..

    Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is a coward and ignorant in his attempts to blame Department Of Homeland Security and president Trump for 53 days and nights of riots burning, looting and destruction.

    Acting CBP commissioner Mark Morgan blasted the mayor of Portland’s “ridiculous” and “stupid statement” that federal agents are “sharply escalating the situation” in the city, calling it “not based in reality or fact.
    The reality here is this violence began in Wheeler’s city well before we deployed additional resources there,” Mark Morgan told “America’s Newsroom” on Monday, the morning after the 53rd consecutive night of protests in Oregon’s largest city.

    President Trump said “Portland’s leadership has, for months, lost control of the anarchists and agitators, they are missing in action. We must protect Federal property, AND OUR PEOPLE.”

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    • Of course Morgan would make that claim. So would Trump. It is a violation of the 4th amendment, and it is an action that would be taken by totalitarian regimes, using police who do not have jurisdiction. This justification is similar to what Putin said with Crimea. It is wrong, and it is an attack on our democracy.

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      • Not at all. I do not condone that in any way, but, and this is important posse commitatus laws apply. This should be handled by the local and state police and the National Guard if needed. Otherwise, it is an abuse of power and a violation of the Constitution, which too many died to protect to allow something like this to occur. The Constitution, Freedom, and Democracy matter. Let us not forget that Hitler said the Polish government invited him to help put down rioters, and Putin did the same thing in the Crimea. What the federal government did is a step towards dictatorship. I would say that no matter who the president might be.

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      • We do not know that police, state police, and National Guard cannot do that. What must NEVER happen is the use of federal, unmarked troops. That is a step we cannot take, ever, unless you support a movement towards dictatorship. What do you do with Trump’s statement that he is aiming at cities run by liberal democrats? That is a statement of political intention. Also, did you see how a retired Navy vet was beaten by these so-called peacekeepers with no justification. Moms stood arm in arm to protect people. You cannot avoid that this is an unconstitutional action! To do so is to accept potential dictatorship. Whatever happened to conservatives supporting the separation of powers? Whatever happened to conservatives supporting the Constitution?

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    • The people are protesters, and have every right to protest. Calling them names does not change who they are.
      What I DO NOT understand is why the army or whoever they are, are obeying obviously insane orders. Did My Lai happen for nothing because Little Donnie throws a temper tantrum.

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    • Yes, if they chose to, they could use the States’ National Guard to move against federal troops. That would be though almost a declaration of war. They can also issue lawsuits. Local police could, if the mayors were brave, issue arrest orders against the federal “police.” What Trump has done is truly frightening.

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  5. Amen, Charles!!! Wow!! You nailed this!! Loved it. Loved sharing it!! What I want to know is where are all the chants – GESTAPO GO HOME or STORM TROOPERS FOR TRUMP!!! This is not getting the serious attention it deserves so thank you so much for the wise, thoughtful and powerful presentation of this issue!

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  6. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    While Donald Trump claims to be the “law and order” president, he has broken the law and breached the U.S. Constitution more than a few times, especially last week in Portland, Oregon. Charles French provides us with a chilling assessment of where this could lead. Thank you, Charles, for this excellent post, and your generous permission to share it with my readers.

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  7. I am here courtesy of Jill’s reblog. Well stated. As a former Republican (and Democrat earlier) and Independent , I have shared with my two Republican Senators, as well as select others, my several concerns regarding this president. Dating back more than a year, after the latest episode of misinformation, denigration, bullying or autocratic bent, I would ask these folks two simple questions.

    First, what will you have to defend next week, the week after, next month, next year?

    Second, how do you know if he has not already committed the sin you will have to defend?

    When I added the second question, it was right before the Ukraine extortion story hit the fan. He had already committed the sin and his folks were trying to bury his “perfect call.” What gave me pride was seeing a litany of dutiful, honorable public servants testify under oath at great risk over their concerns of what happened in Ukraine. Yet, what disgusted me was seeing Trump sycophants beat these people up to try to protect an undeserving person.

    This president has long been a clear and present danger to our democracy, planet and his own party. He has since killed his party with several Republican groups advocating against his reelection. But, at age 61, this is the most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime, and that includes Richard Nixon who was a crook.

    What he has sanctioned in Portland is just one more in a long list of autocratic efforts that should raise concerns with all Americans. Keith

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      • Charles, I saw where the Portland mayor got tear-gassed. A question to ask is why is it OK for protestors to walk into a legislative building armed with guns to complain about closing things down (which was a good decision based on what is happening now), but it is not OK to protest your civil rights. The significant majority of BLM protestors have been civil and wearing masks. With that said, there is no place in my mind for violent protests, as it diminishes the cause.

        Yet, the federal government needs to be asked in to help by local law enforcement (when needed) and must coordinate with the locals. Judge Napolitano on Fox even vilified the president for breaking the law. It is hard to portray yourself as the law and order president when you break so many laws and tell so many untruths.

        I have kicked around several personifications of Trump that I would love to see Saturday Night Live use. The one I have settled on most is Alice in Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts. Trump acts like the Queen. So, let Melissa McCarthy stand-in for Alec Baldwin and show Trump like he really is.


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      • Hi Keith, Thank you so much–your question about Trump’s support for the gun-carrying protestors is excellent. And I love the Saturday Night Live suggestion.


  8. The many and sundry things that got ‘passed’ in the Patriot Act/formation of Department of Homeland Security ages ago, seems to be coming to the very fruition of bad things that so many were aware of, AT THE TIME IT WAS PASSED – but back then, such ‘protestors’ against it’s passing, wording, etc., were labeled “unpatriotic’ etc., etc., and a social war was started against them – so while yes, it is certainly worrying regarding the ramp-up/use of – it’s not surprising that the full extent of it is actually being deployed – guess there’s ‘belief’ that no one will notice or many people will support – who knows why – but yes, it was bad when it passed and now the bad just progresses right along to ugly, ludicrous and soon – folks will HAVE to choose a side – temporary safety never insures longterm security – EVER –

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  9. Hello, Charles. I came across this post via Jill’s reblog and was very glad to see it.
    I had just published my own post on this horror, which I called “Barr’s Army: The Slender Legal Reed for Overtaking American Cities” because I see Barr as the architect for trump’s attacks on the Constitution.
    Thank you for visiting my blog today and liking my bit of whimsy. If you’re in the neighborhood again (?!), I’d welcome your comments on that post.

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