Special Interview with Author CHARLES FRENCH!!


I am honored to have been interviewed by the Roaring Flames Writing Club!

Roaring Flames Writing Club.

Greetings, writers! Today, we have someone special with us! We are going to be interviewing Charles French, Author. He is a writer, a novelist and an English Professor. He is also the author of an amazing trilogy! Thank you for being with us today, Charles!

Interview with Charles French, Author-

1. What is your earliest memory of writing a story/poem/prose? What or who encouraged you to keep going?

My earliest memory of writing a story was as a teen in Junior High School. It was some kind of take on Dracula. It wasn’t very good, but I wish I still had a copy. I have since then dabbled in writing stories for many years, with most of my writing being academic in nature. About 8 years ago, my wife asked why I didn’t commit to being a writer of fiction. I had no good answer, so I did commit to…

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24 thoughts on “Special Interview with Author CHARLES FRENCH!!

  1. What a great interview! I had no idea that I’d find some input on writing so fast. I just bought your book on Kindle. I was encouraged through a friend to come here to Word Press and blog. I’ve enrolled in “Blogging University” and working through Day 8 and 9, I wrote the “reading” post. Thank you for liking that post! Like you, I’m extremely drawn to the paranormal. My interests are so varied but I think I’d like to expand on some writing on family history I’ve had in a previous blog –The former blog was Google. It shut down last year and I saved my writing since I discovered it’s closing a couple months before. Thank you for the inspiration!

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