Chapter Reading Summary at School


Here is another wonderful post from the excellent teacher Jennie!

A Teacher's Reflections

As a teacher, I write about many things I do with young children.  I will tell you that the most important thing I do is reading aloud.  I know this is #1.  I also chapter read, which is uncommon in preschool.  It is my favorite part of the day.  Children feel the same way.  At the end of the school year I send a newsletter to families about the chapter books we read throughout the year.  And of course I tell them so much more.

Chapter Reading
June 17, 2020

Chapter reading is one of our treasured moments of the day.  We bring to life the imagination, the world, and the past.  The anticipation of ‘what happens next’ stirs excitement every day.  Children listen and think.  They ask questions.  Ask your child, “At chapter reading where do you make the pictures?”  You will hear your child say, “In your head.”

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