Suggest a Book, Part 3



In this third segment of Suggest a Book, I want to offer another favorite of mine–The Lord Of The Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien.  Yes, I am referring to this as one book, not as a trilogy, which was only published as three separate books on the insistence of his publisher.

I have read this book about once every ten years, and I am due to read it again. I first discovered it as a teenager, and I have enjoyed it ever since.

This extraordinary book is both the mythology of Britain, and the best, in my opinion, fantasy ever written. Among the various themes are life and death, good and evil, the capacity for people of all kinds to coexist and to become heroes, mysticism, magic, the nature of leadership, and the constant need of good people to oppose tyranny.

If you have never read this book, then I recommend it highly. It is a book you should read at least once!

What is a book you suggest for others to read?



17 thoughts on “Suggest a Book, Part 3

  1. I’d say — Kindred by Octavia Butler or the Parable of the Sower, which I read recently. Both are powerful books, she was a visionary writer. AndI would like to reread Kindred as it’s been awhile. On another note, I do tend to reread Jane Austen’s novels on a regular basis but in rotation I’ve just re-read Sense and Sensibility and I’m leaning toward re-reading Persuasion as I like to read it during the summer, but I’m thinking I should really reread Mansfield Park next.

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  2. LOTR’s is definitely amazing, Charles and, of course, everyone in my house has read it. Greg has all 10, or maybe it’s 12, supporting books and books of maps and everything else imaginable about Tolkien’s world. I recently re-read The Thorn Birds which is amazingly descriptive.

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  3. I’d recommend Stephen King’s 11/22/63. I’m not normally a fan of his work, but this one has an engaging first person narrator, a believable time-slip narrative, and it raises so many intriguing questions about Lee Harvey Oswald’s role/motivation in the John F. Kennedy assassination. I highly recommend it!

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  4. Here Be Dragons by Sharon Kay Penman… historical fiction and part of the Welsh Prince series, this is the first in the trilogy and about the reign of King John… An awesome writer, Penman will not only “hook” you on the story, but this one makes a history fan of any who crack its covers!

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