Suggest A Book, Part 2!


It is that time again, for another book suggestion. I want to make this a weekly or bi-weekly event.

Today I will recommend one of my favorite books–The Shadow Of The Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. This wonderful novel is a combination of a book about books, Gothic, mystery, war, and a marvelous love story! If you love books, you should read this one soon!


The Shadow of the wind

29 thoughts on “Suggest A Book, Part 2!

  1. What is this book about, Charles? Have you written a review somewhere for it? I have re-read a few Stephen King books over the past year or so, including Different Seasons and The Running Man. Both very good. Oh, and The Long Walk too.


  2. Here’s one I just finished. An unexpected find, not one I sought out, but merely happened upon: Blood Water Paint. A tale of Artemisia – the 17th century female painter. The format was unusual: 1/2 poetic prose, 1/2 narrative.

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  3. Thanks for the recommendation!! Will check it out soon!
    I’m currently rereading Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons – I’m rereading it because I love the humor in it. I’m reading it prior to bed at night – helps me go to sleep with a lighter heart.

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  4. Oh I love this book–I understand there is a prequel and perhaps a sequel to it. I want to read them but fear nothing will compare with this original book. To note, I foud a y/a novel by the author/Ruiz, a few years back–gave it as a holiday gift to younger cousins/children of friends and it was well received too.

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