Importance of Wearing A Mask



(Candid By Liz)

Unfortunately, President Trump and elements of the far right have politicized the wearing of masks as somehow violating a person’s individual rights. This is a level of insanity. Do people complain that their rights are being violated if the law compels them to wear shoes in order to enter a food store? Did Americans, as a people, not follow the restrictions imposed upon them in World War II?  Do we, as a society, accept and embrace that children should travel in safety car seats? Do we, as a nation, understand the importance of laws and the controls imposed on people by those legal requirements? These are only a few examples of rules that are instituted for the safety of individuals and society. We, as a people, must recognize that individual rights are important, but just as important is societal responsibility.

The wearing of masks is not only to protect the person with the mask but also others around that person.  Wearing of masks can help protect the people you love, your friends, your family, and others you do not know.

The wearing of masks in this medical pandemic is not only being responsible, but it is also being patriotic. Remember, that we are all in this time and circumstance together.

Stay safe and healthy!

42 thoughts on “Importance of Wearing A Mask

  1. I came to your post via Susiesopinons and I’m glad I did. I agree with you! Masks matter! And i do not see them as any kind of infringement on my rights. But then I’m Canadian and we don’t get our knickers in such a big knot about that .

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  2. I go out to check the mail, once a week – I have a simple homemade mask that I often forget to take out with me, I stick to myself and stay away from folks – and seriously? When a majority of folks in my locale aren’t wearing them and/or had no problem coughing/sneezing all over the customer service counter 2-3 years ago when they had viral pneumonia? I guess, these are the things I think about… IF I’m invited to someone’s house for something and they say ‘bring your mask/gloves’ well, then I will – IF someone drives into my yard, un-scheduled, and ‘just dropped by’ and I go out to call over the fence to them and they berate me for going out without a mask? My only thought is, “um, I wouldn’t be out here, just now, if you hadn’t pulled into my place and I notice you aren’t wearing a mask either – my county, in my state, in USA not hard hit (yet) with cases – rural, vast sq miles/low population #s area, and so while I GET the need for masks in many areas – I’m still rather on the ‘fence’ about the whole divisive topic and how much violence from both sides of the topic are engaging in (emotional or mental or physical violence) – to me? If I don’t want to wear a mask and a store has posted that I must, well then, I have a choice – I can either mask up OR not go to that store – I prefer going barefoot if it’s warm enough weather – but I haven’t been allowed to walk barefoot in many, many stores for a decades – and either I choose to wear shoes or don’t go there – I swear to gawd, the folks ranting about their rights, one would think, listening to them, they they had to mask up in their own home or suffer the loss of daylight or water to live off of – – it’s all political BS, in my world and folks wanting everyone else to do what they want them to, instead of making hard choices/sacrifices, themselves – 🙂

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  3. And now a close family member is in the hospital on oxygen battling Covid 19 after wearing a mask to work every day… And so my husband and I are both on quarantine for ten days as a result. Now I will wonder which unmasked person did it. Which person has threatened my borther-in-law and his wife and child’s lives, and robbed about ten people of ten days or more of earnings…. These selfish people need to think about what their egos can potentially cost the REST of us…. Because I certainly know I won’t forget any time soon.

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    • KC, I am very sorry to hear that, and I hope your family member recovers and that the rest of you stay safe. The level of selfishness is growing to the point of insanity. Like you, I will not forget either.

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