May Self-Promotion Party!

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Hello to all the writers out there and reading this blog!

It is time for a shameless self-promotion party, so please do not be shy about your work.

Let the world know about your book(s)!

Tell us about your book, and leave an image and a link if you can.

In order for as many people to see your work as possible, please Tweet and reblog this post!

Please remember to be proud of your work!

Here is my self-promotion: my latest book can help writers who have issues with finishing first drafts of their books. If that is you, I offer direct, practical advice on how to Get The Draft Done! by Charles F. French.



24 thoughts on “May Self-Promotion Party!

  1. Many thanks again, Charles!

    My novel Mystical Greenwood is a YA fantasy novel about a boy whose life changes when he meets a gryphon and a healer. He’s forced to leave home with his brother and is drawn into an epic conflict of good vs. evil. He discovers a sacred magic within the forests, and something more about himself and his role in this fight. Mystical Greenwood was a finalist for the 2019 American Fiction Award for Fantasy: Epic/High Fantasy.




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  2. Hi, Charles. Thanks for doing this! I have a historical mystery coming out on June 2nd. The ebook is available now at It’s the story of a young woman in Cape May, NJ, in 1714, trying to find out why her mother disappeared without a trace two years previously. It’s the first book in a collection of standalone historical mysteries set in and around Cape May.

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  3. Mother’s Day has come and gone in the U.S. But if you’re looking for a short, uplifting read for yourself or an awesome woman in your life, check out “Daddy Won’t Let Mom Drive the Car: True Tales of Parenting in the Dark.” The book of easy-to-read, often humorous vignettes about my adventures as a blind parent is available in paperback, Kindle, and audio formats on Amazon.

    In her five-star review, one reader described the book as “beautiful and lighthearted.”

    Judy says, “I love the way (the author) mixes humor with compassion and gives us a glimpse into the world of blind parenthood. Although this is a central theme in the book, there is so much more to it. One can learn lessons of empathy, living each moment to the fullest, solving problems creatively, looking beyond the surface, and the beauty of looking at the world through a child’s imagination. The love between daughter and mom shines through so brightly in this book. Makes me want to meet them!”

    For more information about “Daddy Won’t Let Mom Drive the Car: True Tales of Parenting in the Dark” and also my award-winning Novel “The Bright Side of Darkness,” please visit my Web site at and see my Facebook page at

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  4. Thanks for doing this!

    I have been writing children’s picture books about autism. My illustrator is working on my 2nd, and my first is available on Amazon. It’s called, “Hugo and Autism”.

    These books are a mix of being social stories and also teaching others what autism is.

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  5. Thank you for this opportunity for shameless self-promotion, Charles! I’m promoting my debut novel Telling Sonny:

    At nineteen, pretty, vivacious Faby Gagne is still waiting for her life to begin. The time is 1924, the place Enosburg Falls, Vermont. With school over, her time is now occupied with mundane chores and avoiding the crossfire of resentment between her mother and her grandmother.

    As the time approaches for the annual vaudeville show to arrive in the village, Faby watches the posters go up with increasing excitement. She is the best kind of audience for the Small Time: she does not discriminate.

    When the show comes to the Opera House at last, Faby catches the eye of charming hoofer Slim White, who sets a course for her life that she never could have imagined.

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