Another Review of Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society, Book 1 by Charles F. French



“After extensive work with this novel, not only reading it but also performing an in-depth literary analysis- annotating French’s work with the literary element of foreshadowing, I can confidently affirm that Maledicus is one of the most thought-provoking and mentally intriguing horror novels I have ever read. French’s work with character development and chapter design allowed for this novel to encapsulate the reader, feeling as though they were a part of the novel themselves. I am not typically a reader who enjoys history, as I find it quite bland and boring but I can confidently attest that the history presented in this novel is NOTHING like any other history work you will ever read. The ability for French to constantly switch between time periods, while simultaneously formulating a conscious narration is truly amazing and something that I have never seen so successfully done in a novel before.

French is able to successfully develop the perfect balance between horror and adventure/fantasy using vivid imagery to attract the reader’s attention. Set in the time period of the early roman empire, the story begins by telling the infamous tale of the creation of Maledicus, an evil demon who is threatening the lives of children and families. After the first chapter, the novel then flips to the present time and discusses the separate tale of three retired gentlemen, all of whom have lost someone close to them to death. Throughout the novel, French further develops each of these characters as individuals, oftentimes devoting a single chapter to track their progression and describe the individuals life and their admiration for their lost loved one. French, however, remembers to switch back, devoting many of his chapters to describe the past time period, as the reader is able to simultaneously track the progression of Maledicus and how he turned into the evil being that he is today. Ultimately, Charles French’s strength as a writer allows him to develop an intriguing story combining the two most powerful entities: fear and love. I would most definitely recommend this novel to any reader, no matter what genre you are typically drawn to, as French does a perfect job of incorporating several genres and melding them together to create a cohesive story.”


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