How Are You Doing With Your Work In Progress?


Hello to everyone! I hope that all of you are staying safe and healthy.

Since we all have to remain inside, I am hoping that everyone is doing well with their writing.

I am keeping a good pace with my first draft of book 3 of the Investigative Paranormal Society with about 1000 words a day. The initial draft should be done either at the end of the month or in the 1st week in May.

So, I ask all of you: how are you doing with your Work In Progress?

And remember, keep writing!



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47 thoughts on “How Are You Doing With Your Work In Progress?

  1. I’m actually experimenting with some fiction writing for the first time in years. Meanwhile, for some reason I’ve been struggling with getting my blog posts finished, although so far I’ve still be getting them finished and posted on schedule. 🙂

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  2. I am almost done with the second draft of my novel. It’s messy. I know I’ll need another draft after this, but I’m very pleased that I’m spotting and fixing logic plot errors that I made in the first draft. I had lots of logic errors, mostly time-line stuff, in last year’s (unpublished) novel, so I think I’ve improved in that area.

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  3. My dream is to get more writing done. It is difficult, as my school is requiring teachers to provide very detailed and thorough online learning, with a plethora of activities for children. So, I may be a salmon swimming upstream at the moment, but I will get to writing once the workload levels off a bit. Thank you, Charles. You are a champion for writers!

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  4. I really only blog. I am not a writer per se, and write like I talk which isn’t always that great. But I do like to read. One thing about being a blogger is reading writings & journals here easily. Paranormal is a topic I am always interested in so that will be one to look forward too.

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  5. At the start of the week, I set myself a target of redrafting three chapters a day on my first novel and it’s going splendidly. I reached the end today so, tomorrow, I’m going to go back and add some more scenes to fill in the last few plot holes. So, it’s going great.

    Glad to hear your first draft is going well!

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  6. Good to hear that you’re making great progress on your book. I’m focusing on editing the last section of my 140,000 word urban fantasy, which needed a lot of work as the earlier sections seemed to have gotten more attention and feedback. Using the extra time at home to prepare guest blogs and seek out book reviewers for my Casey Holland series. For me, the pandemic hasn’t slowed me down, but it has helped me to pay more attention to all the writing-related tasks that need to be done. Just updated my website today after a long while 🙂

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