You Are A Writer!




To all the writers who read this blog:

This is a very difficult time for all of us. Please remember to do the best that you can to endure. Please remember to value yourselves and your writing. Please remember that you are writers, no matter if you are published, self-published, or beginning a work. Please remember that if you write, then you are a writer.


Be proud of yourselves.

Value your writing.

Keep writing!


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30 thoughts on “You Are A Writer!

  1. I’m a raw amateur at this writing game but I enjoy the.challenge of putting thoughts ‘on paper’. I remember reading some similar ad ice from a gentleman named Jeff Goins, I believe. In a short book on writing, he urged readers who wrote to put down their pencils and say, “I’m a writer!” I did that and it seemed to liberate me so that I wouldn’t feel silly about what I was doing and to continue doing it. Your post is another good reminder, Charles. Thanks.

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  2. Sometimes, Charles, that’s damn hard to remember.

    “What’s the point?” is my most nagging thought.

    “Doesn’t matter, no point is required. I feel better when I write.” is eventually my answer.

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