Nameless Horror: Monsters, Metaphor & the Coronavirus in Modern Life (Are You Writing or Are You Blocked?)


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Zombie Salmon (the Horror Continues)

Social unrest, political distrust, unbreachable financial divides, and now a global pandemic… Has there ever been a more fertile time for writing Literature?

Yet here so many of us are, so incredibly overwhelmed by the high, swift tides of information overload, emotional distress, and outright confusion about where our place actually IS in this historical mess that we are like so many deer in the headlights: frozen in stunned silence. If you are suffering from a new and frustrating writer’s block right now, you are not alone…

Is the constant inundation of data that we accept as the price of admission for living in the modern world creating circumstances that are any different than the times writers have lived and written through before?

And does it contribute to how we interpret a pandemic as a kind of “nameless monster” that runs rampant through our emotions, devouring our creativity?

And if…

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11 thoughts on “Nameless Horror: Monsters, Metaphor & the Coronavirus in Modern Life (Are You Writing or Are You Blocked?)

  1. I’m actually writing something inspired by the Corona virus! It’s called The Clearfront Balcony Club, and it’s about a group of neighbors stuck at home during the pandemic who plan out a wedding and get to know each other on the balconies of their apartments. I haven’t written a play in over a decade, so it’s been fun to get back into the groove! My goal is to give people a couple of heartwarming moments & some hope.

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  2. I deleted everything that I had written about the virus – everything. If I had a dollar for everytime that I have heard or seen the words coronavirus or covid 19. I would be a billionaire. I personally am just in limbo over it. Waiting until it’s gone- over or over enough to get back to some normality. That’s just me. However, I admire the ones that can write about it. They are braver than me. Cheers😀

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  3. I have remained an avid fan of your blog precisely for your never-say-die spirit of writing… I eagerly await the return of such spirit in my own usually regimented life. Yet just like war has the soldier and the peacemaker as necessary opposites, I have deduced the writer and writer-in-waiting as the two sides of the same creative coin… I am, alas, on the Other Side, but I draw so much inspiration from your side, Professor. Thank you for continuing to present such optimism!

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