Maledicus Reaction


I wanted to share another student’s blogpost about Maledicus.

Jackie's Blog

Even in quarantine, I’m not an avid reader. Of the few books that I decide to read, a gothic novel is never one of them. That might change after reading Charles French’s novel,Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society.

The novel is character-driven, and the chapters alternate being about different people. The first chapter was frightening because it describes Maledicus, an awful demon with a thirst for power and no redeeming qualities. I hated him. I was happy to find that the novel mostly follows a small group of ‘good guys’ trying to defeat him while doing what they can to help a local woman and her niece.

The drama and suspense were entertaining, but what kept me turning the pages was the characters’ genuine connection to each other. Roosevelt, Sam, and Jeremy, the three paranormal investigators had great personalities and tragic backstories. While reading, I learned all about their…

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