Blog Post 3:Maledicus Reaction


Here is one of my students’ blog on my book: Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society Book I.

Bryce Erdman's Blog

I have to admit, coming into this class I was worried about the focus on gothic and horror. I have never been a fan of horror movies and books, and I was not looking forward to reading them. However, I am very glad I did, because I thoroughly enjoyed reading Maledicus. For me it was one of those books that forces you to keep turning the page, and that was for a few reasons.

The most important of these reasons was the characters. Each and every character got a thorough background which helped me connect with them. Each member of the Investigative Paranormal Society (IPS) has a very tragic background. From traumatizing wartime experiences to equally traumatizing experiences at home, it is hard not to root for the success and well being of the IPS. The same is true for Helena and her late mother and father. Overall, the…

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