Let’s Do A Shameless Self-Promotion Saturday!


Shout Out!

I found this idea for a Shameless Self-Promotion Saturday on Twitter, and I think it is an excellent one. So, today, shout out your book to the world! Give information about the book and where it can be found. Then be sure to reblog and share on other social media so as many people as possible can read out about it.

Remember, writers–we need to be our best promoters and publicists!

Here is information about my new book Get The Draft Done! Helping Writers Finish Their First Draft:

Many writers suffer from the inability to finish a first draft for a variety of reasons, and this problem can prevent them from finishing the crucial initial draft of a book.Through a series of practical suggestions and exercises, this book will help writers get the draft done!

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Now tell us about your book!

26 thoughts on “Let’s Do A Shameless Self-Promotion Saturday!

  1. Many thanks again for another opportunity, Charles!

    Mystical Greenwood is a story filled with adventure, magic, tragedy, gryphons, dragons, unicorns, and a strong emphasis on the sacred value of forests and Nature. It was a Finalist for the 2019 American Fiction Award for Fantasy: Epic/High Fantasy. It is available in paperback, Kindle, and Nook. Links to where it can be sold may be found here on this page of my website: https://andrewmcdowellauthor.com/publications/novels/mystical-greenwood/

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  2. An excellent idea. Thanks Charles. I even have a selection….Too much doom and gloom around?’ Fancy a good chuckle? Try The Moon is Wearing a Tutu (Amazon & Kindle) A modest book of amusing poems, mini tales and jokes. By ‘im indoors, joker husband Eric Lennick and yours truly, and a varied selection of short stories by moi and dear friend, author and ex nurse Jean Wilson **called Where Angels and Devils Tread. (Also available from Amazon & Kindle). The time will just fly! ** ‘We haven’t been called ‘Escapees from Arsenic & Old Lace for nothing…’ Take care. Cheers! x

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  3. What a brilliant idea, with many people at home and looking for something new! Thanks, Charles!

    Want something uplifting to read during these uncertain times? Try my award-winning novel, “The Bright Side of Darkness,” or my recently released book, “Daddy Won’t Let Mom Drive the Car: True Tales of Parenting in the Dark.”

    The novel follows a group of young men as they navigate their lives in the projects and beyond. It’s a story about mentoring, about choosing to be a positive force of change in the world. It’s a tale of redemption and resilience, a tribute to the triumph of the human spirit–an apt subject at this moment in history.

    The nonfiction book is an easy read, a collection of short, mostly lighthearted vignettes about my adventures as a blind mom. It’s designed to show that the ups and downs of parenting are universal, with or without a disability.

    For more information about both books, as well as photos, YouTube videos, social media pages, a book club, and purchasing links, please visit http://www.brightsideauthor.com.

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  4. Wolf Dawn
    A. L. Kaplan
    A Hidden Past — A Deadly Secret — Gifted with the ability to wolf-talk, Kara has lived with the wolves since she lost her memories. Now at sixteen, snippets of her past send her searching for answers.

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  5. Hi, Charles. What timing! I am running a promotion over on Smashwords as part of Authors Give Back, so my award-winning novel, “Bayou Fire,” is available free of charge.

    Diana Corbett’s childhood was plagued by unceasing dreams of smoke and flames. The nightmares went away, until the noted travel writer’s first night on assignment in Louisiana … when they returned with a vengeance. Could the handsome Cajun, Amos Boudreaux, be the key to unlocking the secret of BAYOU FIRE?


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