Get The Draft Done! by Charles F French — book release!



I am happy to announce that my newest book, Get The Draft Done! Helping Writers Finish Their First Draft is now released. The print version is available on Amazon, and the ebook will be ready on 3/17/2020!

This book is intended to help writers who have issues finishing their initial draft of their work, which if it is not done, can bring their efforts to a halt. I offer practical suggestions and guidance.

The print copy is available here: Get The Draft Done!

21 thoughts on “Get The Draft Done! by Charles F French — book release!

  1. Hey Charles. As a Ph.D. holder yourself, I wonder if you have a variant for doctoral dissertations. I recall many brilliant students who completed all other work and then burned out before finishing their first dissertation draft. (To me drafting a novel and drafting a Ph.D. dissertation in Lit engage two different muscle groups, but please share if you have any thoughts.) Gary

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    • Hello Gary, the same approach can be used for a novel, nonfiction book, or a dissertation. I certainly understand the difficulty of finishing that particular piece of work! The focus of a work might be different, but the discipline and work habits needed to finish them are the same.

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