Children’s Words, Part 3


Here is another wonderful post from the brilliant teacher, Jennie!

A Teacher's Reflections

In Part 2 I talked about children telling their stories in their own words.  Without a visual or help from a teacher- no crutch, it’s not so easy.  Welcome to the deep end, not the shallow end.  Children wrote and illustrated stories about their neighborhoods.  They were wonderful.  After one hundred days of school, children have conquered bravery and critical thinking.  It’s all about words.

Part 3
These were today’s words:

We love learning new words.  After a tree walk on a windy day, these were words that described what we saw and felt, so we wrote them on the chalkboard.  Can three and four-year-old children read?  No.  But, if I write the words they liked and remembered, seeing that word connects hearing that word.

If you want to know how important words are, this is it:

There was a study done on National Merit Scholars. Surely there was a…

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