Children’s Words, Part 1


Here is another excellent post from the extraordinary teacher, Jennie!

A Teacher's Reflections

Writing a thank you letter is a favorite activity in my classroom.  First, children ‘write’ the words – this isn’t so easy.  Every writer knows that.  For children, they need to think about who the letter is for, and what words are the right thing to say.  Children want to express their feelings, too.  A thank you letter may be simple, but those words – every word-  have been voted upon and debated before pen has met paper.  Or before marker has met chart paper in the case of preschoolers.

Today we began writing thank you letters to our neighbors, the people in our community who help us.  We wrote to our public library:

Dear Groton Library, Thank you for sharing your books with us.  We love the books.

The children didn’t see that we borrowed the books.  They saw that the library shared the books.  Two very different perspectives.

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5 thoughts on “Children’s Words, Part 1

  1. My dad used to make us write thank you notes when I was a kid. I didn’t understand why back then, and it became such a tedious chore. As an adult, I totally understand why showing gratitude is important! It’s a great idea to get preschoolers in the habit of it!

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