Being Frank on Frankenstein


Here is an excellent post on Frankenstein from one of my Lehigh University students!

Sergio's Stories and Stuff

So not too long ago, my English 011 class was required to read a classic gothic novel. After hours of barreling through Mary Shelley’s famous novel, Frankenstein, I must be “frank” on my opinion on the book. See what I did there? Haha!

To cut right into the meat and potatoes, I loved the book. I absolutely enjoyed the story, the symbolism, and the many societal issues that are touched upon in the book. The average viewer would see “the creature” as a malicious evil that treaded upon the Earth. However, I see “the creature” as a product of neglect, discrimination, and pure hate which ultimately contributed to its characteristics.

“The creature”, since the beginning of its formation, had been denied and neglected by his father, his creator – his god. Since the beginning, the creature had been cast into a toxic, hateful environment. There was no room to…

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