The Benefits of Reading Books


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Escorting the Dead

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IT SEEMS AS if fewer people are actually taking the time to read books. In fact, reports have stated that if something takes longer than five minutes to skim through (not read, but skim), people become bored and move onto something else.

As great as technology is and as easy it has made so many tasks in our world, it has wired us to having immediacy issues. If we don’t get everything right now, and that includes the point of some article or book, we become bored or angry. Technology has made it so easy for us to get instant gratification, that we no longer have the patience for or the concept of waiting.

But life shouldn’t be expressed in five minute increments. We really need to start seeing the world without technology once in a while. We need to try to view the…

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21 thoughts on “The Benefits of Reading Books

  1. What I’ve noticed is that reading online automatically puts my brain into skim mode because clicking and scrolling could go on ad infinitum. Now that I’m aware of it, when I read something online (rather than search for information), I make a conscious effort to take my brain out of skim mode. I address skimming in assignment guidelines for the online courses I teach as well, particularly if the assignment has multiple parts.

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  2. Lol, I do not read books except children’s stories. I read more news articles and blogs. From personal experiences, if a blog is more than 5 minutes, there is a good chance I have just skimmed it. That is why I try to keep my blog post short and to the point.

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  3. selizabryangmailcom

    I have a friend who said he’d rather be blind than deaf, because he loves music that much. But I’d rather be deaf than blind because, braille aside, I think I’d go completely insane if I couldn’t read. Completely…….bonkers.

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