February Promote Your Book Party!

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It is the beginning of a new month, of February, so let’s self-promote!  It is time to stand up and shout for your books! Come and join this party, and celebrate your writing. Do not be shy–you must be your own biggest promoter!

So, regardless of the genre, tell about your book.  Include where it can be found, and be proud of your writing! Then, so as many as possible can see this promotion for all, please reblog and tweet this post! Let us all help each other as much as possible!

And remember, always, keep writing!



Gallows Hill can be found here in ebook.

Gallows Hill in paperback can be found here.

An interview about Gallows Hill can be found here.


Please follow the following links to find my novel:


Print book

Thank you!

The book trailer:

Maledicus:Investigative Paranormal Society Book I

My radio interview:




Available on Amazon


Available on Amazon

28 thoughts on “February Promote Your Book Party!

  1. Mystical Greenwood is a fantasy novel filled with adventure, magic, tragedy, and a strong emphasis on Nature. It was a finalist in the 2019 American Fiction Awards for Epic/High Fantasy. It is available in paperback, Kindle, and Nook.

    Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1641362820

    Barnes & Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/mystical-greenwood-andrew-mcdowell/1127975547

    Books-A-Million: https://www.booksamillion.com/p/9781641362825

    Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/39508845-mystical-greenwood

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  2. Okay, I’ll give it a run…

    I hereby proffer two travel adventures.

    The first involves an extended vacation in France, where everything that could go wrong, does:

    The second involves a day-trip to an amusement park, still with the wrong-going:

    Thanks for this opportunity, Charles. Truly appreciate it.

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  3. Please visit my author Web site at http://www.brightsideauthor.com for information about my award-winning novel and my newly published book.

    “The Bright Side of Darkness” follows a group of kids from the projects as they navigate the ups and downs of their lives after one of them encounters a mentor who believes in him when he’s too broken to believe in himself.

    “Daddy Won’t Let Mom Drive the Car: True Tales of Parenting in the Dark” is composed of short, mostly lighthearted vignettes that explore my adventures as a blind mom. Through humor and realism, I show that parents are parents and kids are kids, and in the end, disability may change a few logistics but it doesn’t change the meaning of family.

    See my Web site for a blog, a book club, YouTube videos, purchasing links, social media contacts, and more.

    Again, Charles, thank you for your ongoing promotional opportunities.

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  4. Thanks for this, Charles! I’m about to launch my 6th Casey Holland mystery, The Blade Man, on Wed. Feb. 12th. I’ve been working on this series a while, and still enjoy it because I’m always learning something new about the main characters.

    My protagonist, Casey Holland, is a security officer for a bus company, set in Vancouver, BC. In this story, bus drivers are being attacked by a knife-wielding man, while the company itself is under siege by someone who’s been torching buildings and vehicles on the premises. There’s a lot of angry people on the streets, not to mention at Casey’s workplace. Inspiration for the plot came from a bus driver who contacted me on twitter, and who’d already been attacked three times before we finally left the company. It can be found on Amazon: mybook.to/TheBladeMan and on other platforms: https://books2read.com/u/3LDre1

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