The Joy Of Reading




I have spent the majority of my time on this blog writing about writing, so I thought I would address the most fundamental and most important part of this experience with books: reading.

I have been reading my entire life; in fact, I cannot remember a time when I did not read. And reading has informed my life in many ways, not only in terms of career but also in the joys of life itself.

I read books, I teach them, and I write about them, but mostly, I enjoy them. I remember my mother telling me when I was very little that you can go many places that you might not ever have a chance to visit, real and made up, if you read. And I have visited and continue to journey to real and fantastic lands.



I am not a reading snob. While I teach college English Literature, I read in a very wide range, from adventure and horror to drama and so-called high literature, although I am not so certain that this distinction is accurate. Both Shakespeare and Dickens were considered popular writers in their time. Hemingway straddled the mythical fence of literature and genre writing. Today, I happily read authors in a multitude of genres, including Stephen King and John Connolly, among many others. So, I read whatever I choose, in any area. And I get great pleasure from the reading.

I am currently reading, as I often do, several books: Corelli’s Mandolin by Louis de Bernieres; Death In A Strange Country by Donna Leon; and Pale Hecate’s Team by K. M. Briggs.

I hope that all people can experience this pleasure of reading. I realize not everyone will, but I can keep hoping they do.



Happy Reading!

And a quick question: what is a book you are currently reading?



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49 thoughts on “The Joy Of Reading

  1. Am currently reading Bram Stoker’s “Dracula,” about 60 pages to go! First got a copy in 1957 when I was 13. Despite several attempts, I couldn’t get past the first 4 chapters, which were “Jonathan Harker’s Journal.” Very exciting, but I at the time I didn’t have the patience to read a book comprised of diary entries, letters, telegrams, newspaper clippings, etc. But I’ve always a copy in my library, and a week or so ago I decided to take another run at it. Glad I did, because I was ready for it this time. Not only is it tremendously significant in horror literature and pop culture in general, it’s also a really good book. Enjoyed reading about your history as a reader. Last year I posted a piece on my blog about my life with books. You might find it interesting. Here’s the link:

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  2. I’m currently reading book #3, ‘Harbinger’ , in Marcia Meara’s Wake-Robin Ridge series. I’m binge reading the set after becoming totally hooked by about 3 pages into book #1. Romance, supernatural happenings, and sometimes a murder to solve – you never quite know what you’re going to get next!

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  3. I enjoy reading different genres as well. Currently I have a few books I’m in the middle of reading (have been for reading them for a bit, but having moved recently I haven’t had much time for reading). I’m working on Jim Butcher’s “Brief Cases”, W. Bruce Cameron’s “A Dog’s Way Home”, Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett’s “Good Omens”, & just got Spencer Quinn’s “Heart of Baroness” that I am considering starting soon.

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  4. I was delighted to read your post just now. It sounded as my own reading life from early childhood and onwards. I read every day and Kindle makes it easier on travel.
    As your mother said and my parents both, you can travel anywhere when you read and learn so much in the process.

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  5. Michael Crichton – The Andromeda Evolution by Daniel H. Wilson. It’s a sequel to The Andromeda Strain, as you may gather based on the title. I’ve been so caught up in reading, I haven’t written or posted anything in my blog since New Year’s day!

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  6. Like you, I am never without a book. Sometimes a few but I prefer to focus on one at a time. That said, I’m currently flipping between an intellectually challenging literary read, ‘Flights’ by Olga Tokarczuk (Nobel Prize winner!) and a pure chick-lit detective beach read (Sunset Beach by Mary Kay Andews). My normal comfort zone is somewhere in the middle — quirky character-driven stories. As an example, prior to that I read ‘Man of my dreams’ by Curtis Sittenfeld. I think it’s good to push your boundaries as writers to see what is out there but on the other hand, we do this primarily for the love of it. So if a book doesn’t work for, even midway, I abandon.

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  7. Just finished reading 1984 – George Orwell. I started reading it as a kid at school because we had to. But now I re-read it because I wanted to. An interesting and thought provoking book and oddly 70 years after its conception is frighteningly accurate of the way we are heading. And I have just started Daphne Du Maurier’s Rule Britannia….another interesting novel about the USA invading the UK in the 1970’s.

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  8. Tonno Bisaccio

    …oddly at the moment, a non-fiction (A. Einstein and others, ‘science divulgation’, the first his pop. explanation on relativity, unexpectedly pleasurable,) after having finished Alcantara. (…not bad, read in Italian not french, still a dissatisfying taste started early despite the… formally well-done writing, something of an intentional opus. When the bar is set high, one wants… something, in effect, more.)

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  9. I love to read and carefully protect my daily reading time! I just finished Stoner by John Williams. Thinking I’ll read, or at least read around in, Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 and Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five this week.

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