Who Is Your Favorite Fictional Hero?

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In continuing my series on favorite fictional characters, I decided to ask today’s question about heroes. This one is very tough for me, because there are so many possibilities from which I can choose. Among the many I have considered are Mina Harker from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Henry V from Shakespeare’s play of the same name, and Captain America from the Marvel Comics. I will, however, use the technique that I recommend for students on tests and quizzes–to go with your first choice when asked a question.  Now, that typically refers to memory, but I will still use it.

The one character who came to mind before any other was Aragorn from J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings.  He is the leader who does not care about his own safety, who fights in the front lines with the soldiers he leads into combat, and he views the hobbits as his equals.



So, I ask all of you: who is your favorite fictional hero?

58 thoughts on “Who Is Your Favorite Fictional Hero?

  1. Again, it’s so hard to pick one, there are so many to choose from, and your pick o Aragorn is a great choice. My first instinct was either Harry Potter or Sherlock Holmes, as I consider myself both a Potterhead and a bit of a Sherlockian.

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  2. These are challenging questions you pose here. In trying to come up with answers, I’ve realized that most of the books I read do not have clearly defined heroes or villains. As a matter of fact, the main characters tend to be tremendously screwed up and flawed. And now I’m slightly troubled trying to understand why I favor such types. LOL.

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  3. I’d have to go with Aragorn as well, because he’s the perfect example of what a real leader should be like: he assumes the position of king not because he desires power, but because Middle Earth needs him to. He also didn’t forget the little people, since he invested considerable resources in restoring far-away, ‘inconsequential’ lands like Bree Land once he became king. Oh yea, he’s also a badass.

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