Who Is Your Favorite Magical Character?

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I am beginning a new series for this blog today about favorite characters.  I will begin with magical/mystical characters, but the one requirement for these choices is that they are from books or poetry or drama–some kind of writing.

When I ask who is your favorite magical/mystical character, I mean specifically any character who can perform magic, not simply someone who appears in a magical world.

For me, this is very difficult, because I have so many from which I can choose; among them are Merlin from Le Morte d’Arthur by Sir Thomas Mallory, Prospero from The Tempest by Shakespeare, Harry Potter and Dumbledore from The Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling, and Gandalf from The Lord Of The Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. I am sure I am forgetting some, but I will make a choice, and my favorite magical character is Gandalf!




So,  I ask all of you: who is your favorite magical/mystical character?

69 thoughts on “Who Is Your Favorite Magical Character?

  1. Being a huge fan of the magician figure in literature, I’d have to agree about Merlin/Dumbledore/Gandalf. But I also love the witch figure, so I also love Morgan Le Fay and John Updike’s Witches of Eastwick.

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  2. Gandalf is a great character, but I have to admit my favourite is Ged, from the Earthsea trilogy, because he was my introduction to wizadry (class reading at school) and that sparked my passion for fantasy books.


  3. Oh that is difficult! Obviously, magic-enabled characters are in no short supply.
    Maybe one of the more unique ones on my list (rather than something obvious, like a Harry Potter character – which would totally be Tonks) is Sabriel, from a book of the same name, by Garth Nix. I found it to be quite a unique read!

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  4. Absolutely Gandalf. I love his personality, equal parts caring and grumpy, and how he usually chooses not to use his full powers so that ‘lesser’ beings learn to solve problems for themselves, rather than coming to rely exclusively on him. In that regard, he almost seems like the perfect mentor/father figure.

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  5. Hermione Granger will always be my favorite magical character. Her ability to learn magic quickly and remember everything she reads is incredible, but she is my favorite because of the magic she sees in books and reading them, which to me, is the most important magic of all 🙂

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