The Real Meaning of Christmas


Here is a wonderful post on Christmas from Jennie, the extraordinary teacher!

A Teacher's Reflections

Our astronaut / veteran / Navy Captain / pen-pal has been ill and hospitalized.  I had to tell the children.  Life can throw you a bunch of curves, and learning how handle adversity is a life lesson.  That’s why I had to tell the children.

Immediately the children wanted to send him a card.  They were worried about him.  They didn’t want him to miss Christmas.  So we made him a big card.  Well, the children made it.  Actually they planned and designed the whole thing.

They told me the words to write on the cover.  Then, instead of drawing pictures on the card, children made individual pictures, cut them out, and glued them to the card.

If you look carefully, there are moons and stars, a Christmas tree, and even outer space. They know Jon well.

The best part was including photos of the children being astronauts in our…

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