Poster Hunt & More


Here is another excellent post from one of my students!

Sarah *sips

If we were living in a society similar to that of Fahrenheit 451, paper would be the only safe means of communication for the Underground Library Society (U.L.S.). As part of our class, I hung my book posters all around the campus. Afterwards, my peers and I participated in what was essentially a massive scavenger hunt for other U.L.S. posters. We gout our steps in to say the least. What I liked the most about it was others’ reactions. It was interesting to see people in the engineering building wonder what these “book things” were all about, or people in the dorms asking who put them up. Our project sparked the interest of many around the University.

As part of U.L.S., I memorized a small portion of Animal Farm to recite:

“‘I do not know when that Rebellion will come, it might be in a week or in a…

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