December Promote Your Book Party!




It is now almost Winter, and it is time once again for a book promotion party!

I want to offer an opportunity for all writers who follow this blog to share information on their books. It can be very difficult to generate publicity for our writing, so I thought this little effort might help. All books may be mentioned, and there is no restriction on genre. This encompasses fiction, poetry, plays, and non-fiction. If I have neglected to mention a genre, please consider it to be included.

To participate, simply give your name, your book, information about it, and where to purchase it in the comments section. Then please be willing to reblog and/or tweet this post. The more people that see it, the more publicity we can generate for everyone’s books. I will continue to do these parties every few weeks.

Thank you for participating!

Promote your books!

Spread the word!

Keep on writing!





Gallows Hill can be found here in ebook.

Gallows Hill in paperback can be found here.

An interview about Gallows Hill can be found here.


Please follow the following links to find my novel:


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Thank you!

The book trailer:

Maledicus:Investigative Paranormal Society Book I

My radio interview:




Available on Amazon


Available on Amazon


35 thoughts on “December Promote Your Book Party!

  1. My award-winning novel, “The Bright Side of Darkness,” follows a group of boys from the projects as their lives change after one of them, through a series of unfortunate circumstances, acquires a mentor who believes in him when he doesn’t yet believe in himself. My newly released nonfiction book, “Daddy Won’t Let Mom Drive the Car: True Tales of Parenting in the Dark,” details some of my adventures as the blind mom of a sighted daughter and shows that with or without a disability, motherhood is universally difficult and gratifying. More information about both books can be found on my Web site at

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  2. Mystical Greenwood is an epic fantasy story filled with love, tragedy, adventure, magic, mythical creatures, and a strong emphasis on the value of Nature. It is available in paperback, Kindle, and Nook, and the cover art is available at Deviant Art.


    Barnes & Noble:



    Deviant Art:

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  3. Hi Charles, Thank you so much. I”m an eclectic writer. Books as follows:
    Memoir – “My Gentle War” Viewpoint of an evacuee in Wales in WW2 (including excerpts from father’s diary as an airman serving in France.)
    “The Catalyst” Factual background of Terrorist bombing on a train in 2005; a journalist saves a passenger. Will they ever meet again? The value of hope, family love and humour in times of darkness
    “Where Angels and Devils Tread” Anthology of exciting, amusing, varied short stories written with “The Angel of Aldgate” (ex nurse)Jean Wilson.
    “The Moon is Wearing a Tutu” A modest book of humorous poems and jokes, written with husband Eric Lennick. All above books available from Amazon and Kindle.
    Hugely appreciated. Cheers. x

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  4. Thank you so much, Charles.
    The latest book in the Amanda Travels series by Darlene Foster is Amanda in Holland: Missing in Action. Alongside her best friend Leah, Amanda is in Holland to see all the sights: tulips, canals, Anne Frank House, windmills, and even a wooden shoe factory. She is also keen to find out what happened to her great uncle, who never returned from World War II. What she doesn’t expect is to find and fall in love with an abandoned puppy named Joey. While trying to find a home for him, she meets Jan, a Dutch boy who offers to help, a suspicious gardener, a strange woman on a bicycle, and an overprotective goose named Gerald. Follow intrepid traveler Amanda around Holland as she encounters danger and intrigue while trying to solve another mystery in a foreign country.
    Available on all Amazon sites and other on-line bookstores.

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  5. Star Touched
    A. L. Kaplan
    Eighteen-year-old Tatiana is running from her past and her star-touched powers eight years after a meteor devastates earth’s population.

    Wolf Dawn
    A. L. Kaplan
    Gifted with the ability to wolf-talk, Kara has lived with the wolves since she lost her memories. Now at sixteen, snippets of her past send her searching for answers.

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  6. Thanks, Charles, for the promotion opportunities you offer to emerging and independent authors. My award-winning novel “The Bright Side of Darkness” follows a group of boys from the projects as their lives change after one of them, through a series of unfortunate circumstances, ends up with a mentor who believes in him when he doesn’t yet believe in himself. My nonfiction book, “Daddy Won’t Let Mom Drive the Car: True Tales of Parenting in the Dark” details some adventures I’ve enjoyed as the blind mom of a sighted daughter and emphasizes the truth that parenting is universal whether a mom has a disability or not. Information about both books can be found on my Web site at

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  7. Storm of Divine Light: The Tales of Tyrennia: Book I

    FREE #KindleUnlimited eBook $3.99 Print $13.99

    Amazon >> <<

    Chapter 1: The Signs and Portents of Mage-Sense

    Dagorat paced in the darkness. Intense humming in his ears had roused him from sleep an hour ago. The high-pitched noise rose and fell, over and over, wailing like a relentless sentry until he awakened. His Mage-Sense had reached out to him like a psychic serpent coiling around his mind and slithering into his subconscious. Nestled between his dreams and dazed sleepy thoughts, it unleashed a dire warning. Four years ago, the last time this had happened, it had caused an abrupt change in his life – a change not for the better.

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  8. Thanks so much for the kind offer, Charles. My latest fantasy is Soul Swallowers.

    Estranged from his family, Raze Anvrell wields his fists to vent his rage. Then a chance at a new life beckons. He and his mentor build a freehold and raise horses—until the old man dies and Raze swallows his first soul. When his brother reaches out, open wounds begin to scar. But the tenuous peace won’t last. While those who rule yield to the lure of their ambitions, slavers roam the countryside. One man manipulates the law; another heeds the souls of violence howling in his head. Raze too listens to his soul’s whispers and has no choice but to return to his father’s world and take up the fight.

    I’m happily sharing. Have a wonderful holiday season. 😀

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  9. Beautiful Nightmare by L. C. Son

    Other retailers:

    “Sometimes true love can haunt you…”
    Damina Nicaud, a beautiful, successful art buyer in Washington, D.C., is plagued by hauntingly romantic dreams of a mystery man every night. While she knows she shouldn’t consider her dreams to be anything more than anxiety brought on by her upcoming nuptials, she can’t help but be lured into its entreat. Unbeknownst to her, the dreamscape that plagues her mind will be all that carries her through eventual heartbreak and learning the truth of her orphaned lineage.

    She is more than human.

    Escaping to New Orleans on the heels of her broken heart, she begins to unravel the mystery of her life while discovering a love powerful enough to unleash an ancient power residing within herself. Weaving through a world of artistic passion, vampires, wolves, and the supernatural, Damina Nicaud begins to take hold of her Beautiful Nightmare.

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  10. Thank you once again, Charles, for this generous opportunity! I have two books available on Amazon, aimed at children age 7+
    ‘Gateway to Magic’ features Steven Topcliff, a gaming fanatic trapped in Fairyland where all tech is banned by law. Steven hates Fairyland – there are no video games, no chicken nuggets and no one tells the truth. He has to deal with murderous goblins, an out-of-control shapeshifter who insists on being his best mate, and the diva-like Fairy Queen who embroils him in some mysterious game of her own. Steven is a boy who plays to win, but there’s no controlling this dimension with a console – he must use magic to survive and get home. Can he believe in himself enough to do it? find out here:
    ‘The Slapstyx’ features a tribe of goblins who love to spread dirt wherever they go. They also love gold, and greedy businessman Zachary Zigstack has promised them a mountain of it if they’ll help him sell his dodgy detergent. This putrid product ends up in the ocean, threatening the lives of the sea creatures. Astral-travelling twin sisters Georgie and Gem must use their magical skills to put an end to Zigstack’s grubby scheme, – but can they do it before the goblins put an end to THEM? Find out here:.

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  11. selizabryangmailcom

    What a great idea! Thanks for thinking of it!

    My paranormal comedy Day for Night follows the life of a thirty-something ex reality TV star in Los Angeles who drinks too much, swears too much, sees an alien abduction in broad daylight, discovers vampires exist….and then doubles down on the drinking and swearing after that. Not that it helps much…

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