NEWS | “Àbadakone” Creates Community, Catawba Deerskin Map + more


Here is an excellent post from Lara Trace Hentz!

Lara Trace Hentz

NEWS around Indian Country

Acoma Pueblo

Hyperallergic Southwest US editor, Ellie Duke, who has started a series that spotlights members of the region’s art community, and who is also reporting on stories of interest to artists, arts workers, and others working in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and beyond.

Her latest story looks at a legal loophole that is allowing for the export of precious Native American artifacts.


How would you feel if the government confiscated your land, sold it to someone else, and tried to force you to change your way of life, all the while telling you it’s for your own good? That’s what Congress did to Indian tribes 125 years ago today when, with devastating results, it passed the Dawes Act.

Source: The Dawes Act: How Congress tried to destroy Indian reservations | OUPblog



The recent opening of Àbadakone/Continuous Fire/Feu continue…

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