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Here is another of my students’ posters and blog post.

Sarah *sips

As part of the Underground Library Society, I have created a poster for my chosen book, Animal Farm. The ominous pig I drew, Napoleon, who himself symbolizes Stalin, represents communism and the evil that surrounds it. The other animals are drawn in solid black to symbolize their lack of identity and worth under oppression. I chose darker colors for the grim, hopeless reality and red to represent all the blood lost throughout the novel.

The center quote reflects the core of the novel – the distortion of ideals and class segregation. When history repeats itself, society tends to reestablish all that it has worked against, including classes. This novel serves as social commentary and criticism as well as a warning to mankind.

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8 thoughts on “ULS Poster

  1. selizabryangmailcom

    The funny thing is, it’s not like what’s going on today in the U.S., at least, is really THAT surprising or amazing. Everyone always touts the Constitution and its principles, but it was written almost exactly in the same vein as the quote above: All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” So in my opinion, we’re sort of reaping now what we’ve sown. It may be the end, or it may be necessary growing pains to break out of the old mold and become new and better.

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