Reading Aloud – To You! Part 7, the Final Chapters


Here is the next installment in the excellent teacher Jennie’s series on reading aloud!

A Teacher's Reflections

I am reading aloud the final two chapters of The Poet’s Dog, by Patricia MacLachlan.  Chapter twelve is 2:44 and chapter thirteen is 6:24.  I know you will love the ending.  Many surprises come into play.  Ellie comes to rescue Teddy after the snowstorm, and finds Nickel and Flora.

And, what happened to Sylvan?  He was very sick.  He knew and understood far more than we realize, even Teddy.

Hang on, grab a tissue, and here we go.

Thank you to all who listened to me read this wonderful book.  I hope it inspires you to read aloud. Writers, you need to do this.  Reading aloud to others what you have written lights the fire that you set.

The first and only person who read aloud to me was my grandmother, Nan.  She was wonderful, and will always be my hero.  My next reading aloud moment was in the…

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