ULS Poster Design


Here is one of my students’ posters for the U.L.S. project!

Anna's Spontaneous Stream of Consciousness

Blog Post #3

By Anna Piecuch

The ULS poster for The Giver was inspired by the moment in the novel where Jonas acquires memory of color for the first time. He finally notices that an apple is red, as well as Fiona’s fiery hair.

This acquisition of memory means more than just realizing the existence of color; it validates the existence of intense feeling and how feeling pain and pleasure both enrich our lives. Peace and contentment are good, but alone make for a black and white world, while feelings such as grief and excitement bring color to the surface.

Jonas is fortunate to have become the keeper of his community’s memories, but grows especially lonely because no one else can share them with him and relate. He discovers that life is much more worth living when people connect through shared memories instead of dully going through the motions of…

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