Reading Aloud = Academic Success


Here is an important, indeed, crucial post from the excellent teacher, Jennie!

A Teacher's Reflections

I will always champion reading aloud to children because I know, first hand, what a huge difference it makes.  Some people need to hear all the reasons.  I have written plenty of stories about those.  Some people need to read statistics.

Words of wisdom from research:

I read to children in my classroom all the time.  They have full access to books that are front facing and readily available.

Children copy what they see, and if they see reading, they are far more likely to get books from the bookshelf and read.

Whether it is group reading or independent reading does not matter.
As children become comfortable with books, they take it to the next level, incorporating books into their play.
Often, Gloria is the beneficiary.

The most important thing I do for children is read aloud.


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30 thoughts on “Reading Aloud = Academic Success

  1. And when those children get to me for their college writing courses, I know which ones have been readers from an early age and which ones haven’t. The readers progress easily with their writing; the non-readers tend to struggle.

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  2. Reading aloud is the practice of motor science in which learning is transformed into the motor knowledge of articulation. It’s very useful to make the brainpage of subject matter in the school of knowledge transfer.

    Thanks for the informative writing

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  3. Very little beats reading when it comes to learning. I admire teachers enormously who concentrate on it. The child not only absorbs what the author has written, but gets to use their own imagination, which is two-fold and invaluable.. Cheers.

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  4. I can only guess how much the fact that my parents started reading aloud to me at a very early age [and also taught me to read before I entered school] contributed to my later life. All my life I’ve been an avid reader and got so much out of it – inthinkably much. I am – at age 72 – still grateful for the opportunity my parents gave me.

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