The Underground Library Society


Here is one of my students’ blogposts for the U.L.S., the Underground Library Society!

A Band of Banned Books

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is an undisputed classic. It is not this way because of the writing style or the genre, but because of the underlying messages that Lee weaves into the fabric of the book. It tackles racism, sexism, PTSD, and the unjust justice system in a recollection of a woman, Scout, of her childhood.

Most of you, although, probably already have read this book, and know this. It is taught in many high schools across the country, and whether you read the book or the SparkNotes summary, it has an impact on everyone who it comes upon.

I was no different. I read the book for the first time in the 7th grade, and I didn’t fully grasp the true meaning of the book… I just thought it was about a court case, which I loved reading about. The next time I read the book…

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