English Blog Post #2 by Alexandra Biddison


Here is one of my students’ posts on Frankenstein.

Biddison English Class Blog Posts

The novel, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, primarily revolves around Victor’s Frankenstein’s monster, which is usually referred to as the “creature.” Throughout the novel Frankenstein unsuccessfully attempts to destroy the monster multiple times up until he succumbs his fate. Something that I found interesting about the novel is that the creature does not have a name. The monster is not treated in a humane fashion and was even sometimes referred to as “it.” Having a name gives a person or animal or object an identity. The purpose of a name is to give someone or something a sense of uniqueness and individuality. A name is usually given by a child’s parents. However, Frankenstein does not even care to give the monster a name. Even though the monster appears to look similar to humans, he is deemed by others, specifically Frankenstein, as a “daemon” or “the wretch” (Shelley). The creature is seen…

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