Happy Autumn! Happy Mabon!




The beginning of fall has arrived, and I am delighted! This is my favorite season of the year, followed by winter! I know many will disagree with my love of winter, but I hope you do enjoy the autumn season.

So I wish you all a happy Fall Equinox and a happy Mabon, the Celtic/Wiccan/Druidic celebration. Decorate your homes, talk a walk, and when the crisp weather sets in, go outside and breath deeply.



I love the foods of fall and the wearing of sweaters, flannels, and sweatshirts, not to mention ice hockey! The colors of autumn fill me with happiness. This is a joyous season.




By the way, if you are worried, there is NOTHING Satanic about this celebration. Wiccans and Druids do not recognize the existence of Satan, so if you are Christian, please welcome this season also!



35 thoughts on “Happy Autumn! Happy Mabon!

  1. The ancient Brits had it right – divide the year by eighths. Plenty of calendar division. Eight “months” of 45 days (+/-), with a 5 or 6 day celebration somewhere, maybe at winter solstice.

    In my first novel I adopted some of these holidays, Beltane and Samhain, specifically, a return to the land and cosmos instructing our culture.

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  2. Happy autumn/ fall, too! But honestly i dont like very much,because here in “Bavarian Siberia” we most time of the year have something like autumn. Only – as sad as it is – the climatic change brought more sun and warmth to us. Best wishes, Michael

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