The Story of Romana


Here is another wonderful post from Jennie, the extraordinary teacher!

A Teacher's Reflections

Romana was  from Romania.  She was the kindest little girl.  She spoke very little English, yet she clearly enjoyed school.  She is the child on the far right with the biggest smile.

I remember the day I took this photo.  We were playing a game of Musical Chairs.  In my version, every time the music stops I take away a chair.  Children have to find a lap of another child to sit on.  When we get down to two or three chairs, it is a scramble.  The squeals and laughing say it all.

Romana loved this game.  She also loved art.  As a three-year-old she helped illustrate our classroom God Bless America book.

Romana was a born giver.  She noticed everything.  She loved Milly the Quilter.

The following year her younger sister, Stefana, was in my class.  She was a delight.  Then their little brother, Vlad, joined school.  I loved…

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