Robin Hood – Still the People’s Hero


Here is a wonderful post from John Bainbridge!

Walking the Old Ways

I wrote a while ago how often Robin Hood features as a place name in our landscape, from Robin Hood’s Well at Fountains Abbey to his numerous graves, from a hill in Cumbria to his various resting places. As an author of Robin Hood novels I have my own thoughts on the man himself:

Tradition labels Robin Hood not only as an outlaw but a rebel as well. In most of the tales, whether they be novels, films or television, Robin takes to the greenwood to fight for the poor and oppressed. And comes into immediate conflict with figures of authority, such as the Sheriff of Nottingham, Sir Guy of Gisborne, Prince (actually Count) John of Mortain, various corrupt abbots and nobles etc.

We can all picture the scenes where Robin takes from the rich and gives to the poor and….

Wait a moment, let’s wind back to the original…

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