With What Do You Write?




I have written posts in the past asking questions such as — where do you write and when do you write?  I thought it was time to ask another such writing question.

With what do you write?  What is your favorite instrument? Is it a computer, a pen, or even a phone?

When I create a first draft, I use a pen and legal pad, because I find it allows my mind and imagination to engage in ways that does not happen at the keyboard. I am not saying this is the best way, only that it is my way. I realize that I may be old-fashioned, indeed, a dinosaur with this approach.

When I revise, however, I use the computer. Revision is a different writing task from drafting, and I need to then take my legal pads and transfer that information in draft 2 to a Word doc.

So, I am curious: with what do you write?



79 thoughts on “With What Do You Write?

  1. I use the computer and a pen sometimes, it truly depends on what mood I’m in, where I am and what kind of time I have. I have also used my phone if something is sparked during a time where I’m not near my computer or don’t have a pen and fresh paper handy. When I edit, I revise on the computer, but I have to print my copy out and read it like a book first. Then I sort of revise on the go. Electronics make the world so much easier; however, when it comes to writing I like to take more of the “old school” approaches.

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  2. I usually start out with pen and paper, when I get a good feel for where my writing is going is when I switch over to Word. Sometimes I find it difficult to read my own handwriting. I’ve made the mistake of using my phone and losing it all. My problem is making time for writing. Ideas usually come to me will not in front of a pad of paper or computer, and when I do have time, I forget…Fulltime job, family with kids, and school cloud my head.

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  3. I use my laptop for my daily blog, and I love to write longer pieces, or things not intended for the blog, using pens on lined paper. I love the sensory experience of the process. The blog becomes the blog, publicly posted on word press and the others have become columns, or small pieces in collaborative books. I would like to write my own before long)

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  4. I start with pen and paper, then I enter it onto my desktop (I use LibreOffice), and begin the extensive editing and rewriting process. During this process I print out a copy of the rough draft, make changes with a pen, then enter the changes into the word file. I find that ideas come better when I write with a pen.

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  5. Nowadays I nearly always write on the keyboard of my desktop, rarely on my laptop. Sometimes I need to use my cellphone, but that’s not easy for me. I way too often hit the wrong key, sometimes 2 or 3 times in succession.
    Unfortunately, because of all that typing on keyboards, my handwriting – which never was good to start with – has really deteriorated. I think I should practice that more.

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  6. My MacBook Pro, my iPhone and my iPad since my writing app syncs to all my devices. One book is being written on my Freewrite. I have so many notebooks for drafting ideas and outlines but have since started using Rocketbooks reusable notebooks to write on, scan to my email and then erase the pages and start over.

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  7. I use a computer for my blog and novels. I did try using my iPad when I was away, but it’s time consuming.
    For my poetry I use a pencil. Not a pen, a pencil. I much prefer my writing using it. And I can rub things out when I think of a better way of putting things.

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  8. Interesting topic! I write on my laptop (which I tend to leave in the very same spot like a desktop, unless I’m traveling). I also carry paper and pen with me if I know I’ll be away from it and might want to write a bit. My handwriting is horrible, and my hand gets tired very quickly, anymore, when I write for very long.

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  9. I use a combination of computer and pen an paper. Paper is more portable and I can writing quickly. The problem is if I don’t type it in a timely fashion, I can’t always read my own handwriting. Nothing like a guessing game.

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  10. I use the same method Mr. French; a pen and a legal pad. Then I transfer over to a word doc. However, I carry a small yellow pad with me most times and I jot down words and paragraphs, then put them into the legal pad when I return to my office. Yes, I’m old school as well.

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  11. This is an interesting question and perspective. Initially I write my thoughts and words on paper – pencil to paper, not pen to paper. I prefer to erase and redo those words so I can clearly see in my mind. Make sense? Then, all of that is typed on my computer and edited. Finally, I have to print out a hard copy. Seeing words on paper are far different than seeing them on a computer screen. It’s not just editing and catching typos, it’s seeing the big picture in

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  12. I make a first draft by hand in a bound book with a fountain pen. Then I “re-write” it using ink and a brush, or brush and gouache (since I use a fine-art approach to most of my work). Then I photograph or scan the finished artwork to make a digital file. Then I submit my work for publication. Once in a blue moon I’ll type my “re-write” into Word on my laptop – and combine the typed text with my hand-drawn artwork. It depends on the project.

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  13. I usually write using the computer keyboard. If I’m out somewhere and see something I don’t want to forget to write about, I’ll jot down notes. Part of the typing comes from there being a typewriter in my home and my learning to type at a young age. The other part comes from the pitbull who attacked me and my little dog three years ago and my hands were injured in a way that makes it easier to type than to grasp a pen or pencil.

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