Writers: Keep Writing




To all the writers who read this, please remember to keep doing what you do.

Keep writing, keep revising, and keep working!

Never let anyone dissuade you, and that includes you.

Do not doubt your work.

Remember, keep writing.





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21 thoughts on “Writers: Keep Writing

  1. It’s true. If we want to write, we need to keep doing it. It’s easy to lose our writing time with all the complexities of life these days and the duties that seem to call endlessly, and the same thing that happens with our art, or any other creative endeavor we like to do. It is good to set aside a time that is reserved for that activity alone. We can always find ways to set aside time for everything else, so we just need to view it as something that is important – as important as anything else, and make certain we honor that commitment. Thank you so much. Great article.

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