Quotations on Thinking–Revisited!





“The unexamined life is not worth living.”






“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

                                                                              Albert Einstein





“Thought is subversive and revolutionary, destructive and terrible; thought is merciless to privilege; thought is anarchic and lawless, indifferent to authority, careless of well-tried wisdom of the ages. Thought looks into the pit of hell and is not afraid. It sees man, a feeble speck, surrounded by unfathomable depths of silence; yet it bears itself proudly, as unmoved as if it were lord of the universe. Thought is great and swift and free, the light of the world, and the chief glory of man”

                           (Russell, Bertrand. Why Men Fight 178-9).




“All good writing is inherently subversive.”

                                                                               Charles French

22 thoughts on “Quotations on Thinking–Revisited!

  1. Thank you Charles. I am ‘working class’ and was….very passive. It took me a long time to really think for myself (the mores of the times of my birth dictated how I should think). Luckily I had a bright father (a Charles too) and loving mother and was curious enough not to follow the masses. I read a lot and one book “Fame is the Spur” by Howard Spring, many years ago, set me thinking even more. If there are honest politicians. I would love to meet them…(feel there are a few?) Sadly, I am no intellectual, so am grateful to Albert Einstein for saying “Imagination is more important than Knowledge.” Bless him!

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  2. Endless Weekend

    Thank you for the thought provoking quotes.

    Reminds me of a quote by another sharp thinker, George Carlin, “Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.”

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