When Teachers Tell Their Stories – Part 8


Here is part 8 in Jennie’s wonderful series–When Teachers Tell Their Stories

A Teacher's Reflections

In Part 7, I told the story of the huge tree that almost fell over on our neighbor’s house.  The Fire Chief in his big red fire truck, and the Tree Man in his cherry picker truck added plenty of real life drama.

Part 8
My storytelling typically happens at lunchtime.  Children keep an eye on the clock, because they know at 12:30, Jennie will tell a story.  The complex act of reading an analog clock is a side benefit.  When the big hand on the clock reaches the 6, the chant begins: Jen-nie-stor-y.  Sometimes this chant is accompanied by fist-banging on the table to each beat.

While a Jennie Story, which is a true story, begins with “It happened like this”, occasionally I surprise children by starting a story with “Once upon a time.”  Typically I will then tell a fairy tale.  The Little Red Hen

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